BoekStart 07-08-2014

BoekStart, the programme to stimulate reading, is based on this principle and is aimed at enabling parents with young children to enjoy books. BoekStart is the start of lifelong attention to reading. Stichting Lezen (Dutch Reading Foundation) and de Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB, National Library of the Netherlands) are responsible for the national organisation of this programme within the framework of Kunst van Lezen (Art of Reading) commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Research shows that children who had books read aloud to them as a baby experience more pleasure in reading and are more motivated to learn to read. Their language proficiency and text comprehension at a older age is better and they are more successful at school than children who did not have books read aloud to them or who experienced very little of this.


Folder Information for professionals
Information about BoekStart for professionals, for example in children's health centres and daycare centres. The programme and the importance of reading aloud at an early age are the subjects. BoekStart in de kinderopvang (BookStart in Daycare Centres) is also mentioned.

Flyer for parents
Information about BoekStart for parents: the pictures show how BoekStart works.

PowerPoint Presentations about BoekStart
The PPP BoekStart & PPP BoekStart in de kinderopvang (BookStart in Daycare Centres) give information about the programme, intended mainly for Librairies.

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